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Whatever we do, even loners, we need others.

Life wouldn't be worth living without each other.
So let's get together.

We have been a tight knit little group, some of you from the beginning, some just finding out. I would like to thank you all for your continued support and offer a way to strengthen our bond.

It is my hope that all of you, my dear ones, will join me

once and for all, as we are all in this together:)



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    When you buy your tickets for the show let them know you are a member of the fan club.
    Also let me know when it is your birthday.
    Stay in touch.
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Nashville, Tennessee
Pieces of a career, scattered by the winds of experience and assembled again by the force of love into the most personal and brilliant moments of her musical journey. Melanie is poised to enlighten new generations about what it means to sing with both passion and eloquence, to write at once with intelligence and emotion, and to inspire through song. Nobody does this better.
(Robert L. Doerschuk)

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